Cobby must learn a sport to impress Mabel.


The Wattersons and The Nuttels, along with Catrin and Juni are playing Dooj or Daar much to Catrin's disbelief and disgust, who thought the game was a "total waste of time". It was Mabel's turn to pick. She picked Cobby and she picked truth; She asked him if he knows any sport. Cobby turned pale and started sweating. Martha cracked and said that he doesn't. Cobby gets nervous and asked if chess was a sport, but she shaked her head. He finally gets some guts and said that he doesn't know any sport due to his medical condition and promised her that he'll learn a sport which doesn't break his bones.

After the game, Cobby and his parents tried to find a suitable sport for him. Barney suggested football, but Allison said that he'll be hit by the ball. Another idea was swimming, but again Allison said it wasn't a good idea because Cobby was almost drowing at every attempt to swim. After a long discution, all three decided that Cobby will do kayak.

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