• This the first Fic to Feature the Rainbow heaven


Fireball has to Upgrade his Bat in the Rainbow Sky while Darwin and Gumball has to paint the Robinson's House

Fan fiction

Episode begins with Fireball Gumball and Darwin Paintin the Robinsons house

Fireball: I cant believe i have to do your Dirty work!

Fireball: It wasnt me that Accidently Throwed that Bowling Ball into there Window!

Fireball: Its like! everytime you guys get in Trouble!

Fireball: It always ends with me gettin In Trouble

Gumball: Well atleast we know how to have Fun!

Fireball: Gah! There must be a Faster way to do this!

Gumball: I Know! You could use Rainbow Bat to Colour the House

Fireball: Thats actually a Good idea Gumball

Fireball: Heres a Cookie

Fireball throws a Cookie over to Gumball

Gumball: Cookie! (Eats the Cookie)

Fireball Rises Rainbow Bat

Fireball: Papadapadapadapadapada Paw!

But nothings Happens

Fireball: Huh? That was Strange..

Rainbow Bat: Your Rainbow Bat has ran out of Colour and Magic you can Upgrade it in the Rainbow Heaven

Fireball: What?!

Gumball: What the heck is Rainbow Heaven

Fireball: I Dont know But it says I Has to Upgrade my Bat in the Rainbow Heaven

Fireball: Hmmm..Maybe Aguilera Knows something about the Rainbow heaven

Fireball: I'll run over to her House so.

Darwin: Hey what about us?

Fireball: It was Actually you that broke there Window so you guys do your Dirty work!

Then Fireball runs off to Aguilera's house

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