The Lies is an upcoming episode in Gumbapedia.


Martha uses The Power of Lying for saving her live. On brief, she lies...



New Thursdays Preview


Cobby: Stop lying! You lied so much so your nose is longer!

Martha: You mean what? My nose's not bigger and (notices that her nose is longer) AHH! My nose! My beautiful nose! Ok, ok, I'll stop.

Cobby: Good luck with stoppin' lying! (leaves)

Martha: Your pants are striped! (nose grows longer)

Cobby: (off-screen) You've lied!

Martha: Yeah, I know! (notices that Cobby ignored her and sighs) It's gonna be sooo hard...


Martha: YOUR FACE! It's your face! (nose grows very long)


  • Martha's antagonistic side is especially seen in this episode.
  • The words "to lie", "nose" and "longer" are frequentely used in this episode.


  • This is one of the many times (I can't count them) when Martha lies.

Cultural References

  • The way how Martha's nose grows longer everytime she lies is similar to Pinocchio.

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