The List


Six parts

Part No.

Part One




Darwin attempts to finish his list of achievements before his life ends.

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The List (Part 2)


Gumball has to help Darwin complete his bucket list before he dies.

(Note: I would like to thank the wikia contributor who came up with this idea. He came up with it from a Blog Post for Episode Ideas on The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki.)


One day at school, Bobert starts bragging about a time machine he just invented. And he's allowing people to use it. Gumball and Darwin brawl through the crowd to use it. And Bobert chooses them. He tells them to come afterschool which makes them sigh. Throughout the school day, the two couldn't think straight. They were highly looking forward for the time machine. And when the final bell rang, they were running to Bobert's house to use the time machine. When they got to his house, Bobert was already there. The time machine was a rectangular metal room. Bobert asks them whether they want to go to 1 year in the future. Bobert then fires up the machine and they head to the following year: 2012. They then see a crosswalk, Future Gumball and Darwin at one end and a candy store in the other. Future Gumball starts crossing the street, then Future Darwin then starts behind him. Everything seems normal, until a semi comes speeding down the road, and hits Darwin. Gumball and Darwin are shocked. But Future Darwin then gets back up and gets to the other end of the street. They then enter the candy store, and Future Darwin orders a candy bar. But this candy bar expired 6 months ago, and the clerk didn't want to throw it away. Future Darwin then eats the candy bar, throws up and collapses from food poisoning. But quickly regains consciousness, throws away the candy bar, and left. But that night, while Future Darwin was asleep, the power went out. Future Gumball was on a date with Future Penny. So Future Nicole put a candle on the coffee table in the living room. Future Richard was asleep on the couch. When suddenly he tried to reach over on the coffee table to get a magazine when he burnt his hand with the candle. He quickly got out to extinguish his hand when he tipped over the candle setting the floor ablaze. Future Nicole and Richard ran outside from the fire. But they forgot Future Darwin. And in the fire the entire house collapsed with Future Darwin inside. Future firefighters later found Future Darwin dead from carbon monoxide poisoning, second and third degree burns, and was crushed from the rubble. To Be Continued