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This is part 2 of "The List".


The trio then return to the present. While Gumball is aroused by the fact that him and Penny will be, Darwin isn't as pleased. He decided not to tell anyone, as he assumed that Gumball knew. But all in all, he didn't noitce. Apparentley, he was too much in thought with Penny. And although he thinks he has 1 year to live, he doesn't realize he can completley change this fate. Meanwhile at dinner, he finally spills the news on the family. The other family members were laughing in disbelief. Even Gumball thought that was ridicuolous. But Anais had a spark that told Darwin may be telling the truth. Anais asks Darwin where he came to that assumption. Darwin then tells her about Bobert's time machine. Anais then heads over to Bobert's house for proof. Bobert then takes her 1 year in the future, and shows her everything Gumball and Darwin saw. She then comes home with evidence and tells her family it's the truth. But Nicole and Richard still don't believe this. At least now Gumball believes. They then went upstairs to get over it. But it couldn't help. Darwin had a tough time sleeping that night, as he would be dead in a year. Also during the night, he thought about what he did in life. He had a hard time coming up with anything as he hasn't done much. He then got up and looked through his drawers. He then found something. It's an old, crumbled up piece of paper. He then uncrumbled it and the top read "Darwin's Hopes and Goals". Darwin remembered writing this from he grew legs (Read The Event (Part 6)). He then realized that he hasn't done anything on this list. So this determined him to finish the list. He would start first thing tomorrow. The next morning, he started the first thing on his list. That is to take a "Dumpster Dive". He then got to the roof of the school, and without caution jumped off. He was lucky to land in the dumpster, as some people watching were trying to push the dumpster. He then step out of the dumpster ad checked it off his list. To Be Continued