The List



Six parts

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Part Three




Continuation of The List.

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This is part 3 of "The List".


As the month went on, Darwin was enveloping himself with completing his list. And much to Gumball's dismay, he doesn't appreciate to much about Dsrwin doing these things. Darwin hasn't been finding a lot of time for Gumball and Gumball is frustrated by this. Gumball has been getting bored and has found nothing to do except for watching mindless TV and homework. But just then, Darwin finally talked to Gumball. He needs Gumball's advice for getting a girl, as that's one of the things on his list. So Gumball helped his buddy out by teaching him about flirtation and starting a conversation. They even did role playing by Gumball dressing up as a girl, and it's Darwin's duty to hit on her andget a date. As a matter of fact, Darwin was doing quite well with talking. Darwin then decided to hit on Masami, as he thinks there's a chance as from "The Pressure". At school, Darwin remembered everything Gumball has taught him, and went to Masami proudly. However Darwin was in over his head, because suddenly he got anxious and stressed. He started sweating and his legs began to shake and he was short on breath. Also his stomach churned and his heart started racing. But then, he was somehow able to force out a "Hello". Masami heard him and drew her attention to him. Suddenly, Darwin's mind went blank. He started flirtation which was horrible. Gumball was hiding by a nearby doorway, and facepalmed himself. He went on for a couple minutes horribly flirting with Masami. Gumball couldn't bear watching this. It was just brutal. Darwin finally finished by asking Masami out for a date. Gumball was nervous, he just knew Masami would say no. But strangely enough, she said yes. Darwin then just accepted it and walked away. Gumball was prud that he was able to get a date. Gumball then stated it was now phase 2 of this objective. That is to pull off a date. After school, Gumball showed Darwin the resturant he thinks will be perfect for the date. It's called "The Golden Blossom", it's located in the heart of Elmore, it's expensive, and it's fancy. Darwin then called Masami to tell her the location, she was very eccentric. This made Darwin worried, as he had little money but she was rich. Gumball then ran into the kitchen, and came out with Nicole's credit card. Gumball tells Darwin to use this to pay. He then brought Darwin upstairs to get ready. To Be Continued

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