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This is part 4 of "The List".


Gumball rushed Darwin upstairs to prepare for his date with Masami. Gumball then bathed, dressed, and cleaned Darwin. Then before heading out, Gumball gave Darwin $400 for dinner. Darwin asks Gumball how he got the money. Gumball said he was paid for being in a production of "Starlight Express". Darwin walks over to Masami's home. Gumball then waited at the Watterson's doorway for Darwin's return. He stood there for about 5 hours which Gumball got hyped over. As he thought they were really connecting. It was then that finally got home, he was a MESS. Gumball asked Darwin how the went. Darwin suddenly answered "Oh it was Great." he said sarcastically. But Gumball couldn't possibly depict his friend's sarcasm and went upstairs to bed. Gumball woke up the next morning and found Darwin sleeping on the floor. Gumball was surprised that he wasn't out completing his list. He then asked the washed out Darwin why he's not running like a mad man. Darwin finally tells him he's completed his list, and now he's lying down waiting to die. Gumball looks at the calendar, it reads "January", and they went into the time machine in November. Gumball knows there's a lot of time left. Gumball runs downstairs, he then asks her to buy a generator. She asks why, and Gumball says there will be a blackout in November of this year. Nicole then laughs saying to Gumball that a blackout won't happen. He then runs back upstairs and gets Darwin and they run out of the house. Darwin is lazily running when he asks Gumball where they're going. They then arrive at Bobert's house. Gumball then tells Bobert what happened and asks if there's anyway to reverse Darwin's fate. Bobert tells him there is a way. That is by altering what causes Darwin's demise in the first place. However, the cause hasn't happened yet, so you cannot change it. So Gumball has to wait until the night of the event to alter everything. To Be Continued

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