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This is part 5 of "The List".


Gumball knew there would be time before "the night" occurs. He continued to live his normal life and do his normal activities, but he couldn't stop thinking about how he's going to alter the future. And Darwin continued to "rot" on the floor. Summer rolled in before Gumball knew it. And a warning sign that "the night" is coming. He was downstairs eating breakfast when the phone rang. Gumball wasn't confident by the tone of the ring. But he decided to go up anyway, it was Penny. Penny says that she thinks it's about they go out on a date. A real date. Gumball was speechless by this, a said yes. She asked him to pick her up at 7, and that they were going to T.G.I Friday's. Gumball then hung up and he wanted to go into a burst of happiness. But he realized that this was just the start of Darwin's demise. He then decided to go on the date anyway, but decides to ruin the date. He then went out for the date and picked up Penny. Instead of taking her to T.G.I Friday's, Gumball took to an Ethiopian resturant called "Abebe's". Penny thought she should be adventurous, against what Gumball was expecting. The food in Gumball's eyes was pretty, but Penny didn't mind. Penny was glad Gumball took her here instead. But instead of leaving, Gumball thought Penny wouldn't like the food. When the food came, Penny ate it, and enjoyed. Gumball decided to try it too, and he also thought it was delicious. So in conclusion, they both connected from the date, and Penny plans another date with Gumball. So throughout the summer months, Gumball and Penny were on constant dates, and Gumball forgot all about how he was going to change the future. Before Gumball knew it "the night" came. And for the first time in a while, Gumball finally came back into his room, and saw Darwin still on the ground, even more zombie-like than usual. This reminded Gumball of what he needed to do. Gumball looked outside and it was raining hard. Penny called Gumball for another date tonight. Gumball used the inclement weather as an excuse and said "no". Penny understood him and hung up. Gumball then took Nicole's credit card and an umbrella, and walked out of the house. He came back half an hour later with a fire extinguisher, and placed it in the living room. The rain grew more intense. To Be Concluded

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