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This is the conclusion of "The List".


Gumball knew that it was sunny earlier today. So this meant the moment when Darwin got run over and food poisoning and survived. Gumball finally needed to get Darwin off the floor. So Gumball asked him to get up. He wouldn't speak, so Gumball hoisted Darwin up and led him downstairs. Gumball then led him to the couch, and told him that what he saw wouldn't happen because he doesn't have a date with Penny and he has a fire extinguisher. It was the strangest thing, but for the first time in months, Darwin spoke. He was finally able to get up and be happy. Darwin realized that maybe it isn't his time. The rain suddenly grew to thunder. And Nicole told the two of them not to go outside. The wind picked up as well. As the evening rolled in, things intensified outside. Until, in the middle of dinner, the house went black. Richard started shrieking in terror from this. Nicole then just asked him to light some candles in the living room. Gumball told him not to. Nicole asked him why he's doing this. Gumball then stated that the house would catch on fire if that happened. Nicole, Richard, and Anais laughed at this. Gumball then demanded to get flashlights instead. But they don't have flashlights. So Richard then went to light the candles. Gumball again tried to stop this, but Nicole stopped him. But as Richard was lighting the candles, the flame got onto his tie. In terror, Richard ripped the tie off and threw it at the wall. The wall burst in flames. Nicole facepalms, saying to herself "Why did I let Richard light the candles?". Nicole rushed to the phone to call 911. Gumball ran to the fire extinguisher he set on the wall. He grasped it and pulled the trigger. It wouldn't budge. Gumball continued pushing the trigger, but it wouldn't press down. Darwin then feared the time machine was right. So he laid on the couch to die. But then something told him he had to fight. So running into the kitchen, he went to the faucet and gulped as much water as he could. Then running back to the living room with a mouth full of water, he blew at the flames. The flames died down and down, until they were extinguished. Not only did Darwin save his and his family's lives. And that gave him confidence. And from that day forward, Darwin lives his life in happiness and confidence. The End

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