The Living is an episode of The Amazing World of Gumball.


Gumball, and Penny try to bring Sullvan back to life to defeat Dark Gumball, the evil verson of Gumball that came from Deviantart.


Gumball Watterson


Sullvan Dog (Dead/Zombie)

Dark Gumball

King Sullvan (Final Appearence)

Stoneage (Mentioned)

Felix Dog  (Dead)

Jealousy (Dead)

Max Dog (Dead)

Daisy Watterson (Dead)

Skylar Peterson  (Dead)

Fireball Brad Watterson (Dead)


(King Sullvan trys to kill Dark Gumball an gets his head bitten of by him)

(Gumball humps Penny)

Gumball: So Penny,why are we here?

Penny: It's terrible, Gumball! Dark Gumball is destroying town and we need Sullvan's help!

Gumball: How?

Penny: Stoneage killed Sullvan and we need to bring him back!

Gumball: Yeah Yeah Yeah.

Penny: Aren't you suppose to be sad?

Gumball: It's okay. I'm better now.


This is the most hated episode in the show because they wanted Sullvan to be alive again. But he didn't.

Final appearence of King Sullvan because,

1. The character died.

2. The voice actor died.

Second episode to have blood after The Rock.

Penny has a different voice actor in this episode. Bau in future episodes, she has her original one. She is voiced by Tara Strong.

Here are the other dead people we see in this episode.

Felix: Head explodes of madness after having to rebuild Elmore.

Max: Gets stomped by Dark Gumball's Giant Robot in the begining of Sullvan.MOV. This brings Human Gumball in GREAT Depression.


Daisy: Same with Max.

Skylar: In an Ask Anias clip, An Nyan Cat Gumball goes straght through her head.

Fireball: Gets Sliced in half by Darwin with an Chainsaw in

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