The Lone Student


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Gemstone Jake

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After a new student who is the child of the Russian prime minister visits town, Gumball and Darwin try to befriend the uncomfortable kid.


This episode is the first appeareance of Gemstone Jake.

Date of Origin:

November 7th, 2011

The sun shone high on Elmore Junior High the day the new kid came into town.

"Alright students settle down!" More jibber jabber still comes from the classroom, but no one really cared

"SETTLE DOWN!" Except Miss Simian. As everyone got quit and settled into their seats, an announcement come on from Principal Brown:

"Hello Elmore Jr. High School students! Today we are proudly hosting the one - the only - SON OF THE PRIME MINISTER OF RUSSIA!" Celebration music filled the announcement. Not anyone was really excited about this. Even Miss Simian looked as if she couldn't care less about the anouncement. But suddenly Principal Brown entered Miss Simian's classroom and directed everyone to move outside to welcom the exchange student. As everyone filed-out into the front yard of the school, a long and lengthy black limousine slowed to a halt at the drive-way of the school. A butler came forward and opened the door - and the Prime Minister's son stepped-out into the grass of the school yard. He uneasily walked toward the front-doors of the school, not even bothering to even glance at any of the students. As he passed Gumball he turned his walk from a shuffle to a sprint. Gumball, bewildered, went-out to meet the student, but was stopped by Miss Simian.

"No one enters the school until they give the signal." A few minutes later, the signal was spotted, and everyone rushed to get a peak at the new kid. As they began crowding the halls, Gumball and Darwin spotted the boy, alone in the boy's restroom. As they opened the door, the boy's reflexes causing him to jump in fear. As he learned that it was only Gumball and Darwin who were in the restroom, he entered one of the stalls and did not come-out. Even when Gumball and Darwin banged on the doors so hard that their hands hurt, he still did not come out.

"Dude," Gumball said, "your gonna have to come out SOME time!" No response. Instead, the boy did an amazing jump over the walls of the stall and exited the restroom, leaving Gumball and Darwin bewildered.

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