The Many Aspects of Life

By Gumball Watterson

This paper was written by THE Gumball Watterson. You can copy his work, but we suggest you don't.

Ever wonder about a Jet planes life? Or a plants? Well, I'm going to do a paper on that stuff cause a teacher (not naming names) forced us. Pretty stupid, huh? Oh, I heard a fish had 9 lives! No, maybe thats a cat. I should know this, cause I'm a cat. I have whiskers...a tail...ears...I just realized Penny had 6 A's in ALL her classes! This paper will be a A for sure, because I, Gumball Watterson, wrote it. Okay, back to the topic. Jet know, I don't really know MUCH about this topic, honestly. I CAN S S WRITSE. Sorry, that was Darwin trying to write. Oh, Darwin is a fish, so he breaths water. So, I guess thats an Aspect. I didn't pay attention, oh well. I'll still get an A anyway. I mean, who would give a F to a guy like me. I'm handsome, not clumsfv...Oops, dropped my pen, and I AM SMART. 2+2=Fish. See? Anyway, I'm all done with this paper.The End

See me after class.

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