As Nicole carried Gumball through the halls he sobbed a little. "Don't worry sweetie you admitted to Penny you have feelings for her, that wasn't so hard." said Nicole. "Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't," said Gumball sadly. As Nicole drove Gumball home he looked out the window. Nicole asked Gumball if he had something on his mind. Gumball responded no. When they got home Nicole carried Gumball inside because he still couldn't feel his legs from doing those splits. Nicole walked upstairs to Gumball's room and sat on his bed with Gumball in her arms. Gumball was still wearing the cheerleader outfit he wore at tryouts, the sun was setting outside the window of the room. Gumball whimpered in his mother's arms until he feel asleep without noticing. Nicole saw him fall asleep and smiled, she hadn't held Gumball while he was sleeping since he was a baby. She kissed him on the forehead then placed him in bed and covered him with the bed blanket, she then kissed Gumball's cheek, turned off the lights and closed his bedroom door. Later that evening at dinner Richard was finished telling what he had did today, then Nicole suggested Darwin or Anais say something. Anais asked where Gumball was, Nicole told her that Gumball had a tough day and was asleep in bed. The next scene shows Gumball in bed sound asleep.

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