Nicole, Richard, Anais and Gumball: Time for lunch Darwin!!!

Darwin: Just a second Mrs. Mom, Mr. Dad and siblings.

Darwin: Gotta see internet memes

  • sees picture of himself as a weasel scehming and became a meme*


  • Gumball opens door sees Darwin crying)

Gumball: What's wrong bro?

Darwin: Im a meme.

Gumball: We need to go to the internet company and delete it.

Voice: I day later

Gumball: We need you Tobias, Banana Joe, Penny Fitzgerald, Tina, Leslie and my sister Anais to get rid of a meme by SomeKidsatSchool.

Gumball: Was it you Tobias and Banana Joe?

Tobias and Banana Joe: No. it was probably Jamie and Masami.

Gumball: Lets go to the internet company by Bear Gates.

1 day later

Gumball: Everyone its time to get that meme gone.

All: Yes sir!!!

Gumball: Lets go on bikes but Tina you will run!!!!

All: Got it!!!!!

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