This is an short series of The Gumbapedia Show.


This Series starts with Sullvan Dog,Nicole.aGumball,and the others just being a normal family,But with monters trying to kill them, It's up to Sullvan to rescue them.


In Gumball,Gumball is the main character. In this show, Sullvan is.

In Gumball, Sullvan screams less. In This Show, He screams alot.

In Gumball, Sulllvan hates his family except Richard,Fireball,and Gumball. In the show, he loves them.

In Gumball, Sullvan talks alot. In The Show, he talk not so much.


The Rememberance was the first episode to air, But it aired on The Amazing World of Gumball.

This Show is possidly a parody of courage.

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