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Amanda Lopez, Roxanne Nelson

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A new girl moves to Elmore High and she's the fifth cousin of Gumball, Mabel and Anais.

Episode Summary

Gumball was wearing his t-shirt and pants and suddenly, a door bell rang and he went downstairs and opens the door and what a pleasant suprise, it was his fifth cousin, Katharine Darrel. Gumball hugs her and Kathy said she and her family moves to Elmore because her father has found a new service and she gonna have a time there (4 years, more precisely. You'll see why later).  Mabel and Anais notice Kathy and hugs her, this makes Kathy happy. Suddenly, they heard that the bus is going off, this makes Mabel accept, but Kathy told them not to worry cause she's gonna call her dad, so her dad can take them to school. A few seconds later, Kathy's dad arrived and takes them to school. 

As they arrived in school, Kathy asked what room should she go, Gumball replied to Miss Hemmer's Class. When they open the door, suprisingly Miss Hemmer's Class has already started and Miss Hemmer wants explications from them for being late and Kathy hides in Gumball's back afraid of being mad. When Miss Hemmer looks at Gumball's back,s he noticed Kathy and she was amused by Kathy's beauty and she takes Kathy's hand and lets her stand in front of her classmates, Kathy says her name, age and her description about herself. This makes the boys fell in love with her and Miss Hemmer ask Kathy to pick a chairs, Kathy looks around the chairs and sits in an empty chair . She noticed a boy beside her and that boy was Jasper. Kathy talks to him but he is shy and Jasper ask if she's new to Elmore and Kathy says yeah and she and Jasper became fast friends. Later, in the Cafeteria, Kathy met Catrin and noticed that they have somewhat same names.(Katharine-Catherine). She also noticed that all the foods in the Cafeteria is gravy and she can't agree eating Gravy, so she asked Rocky that she needs to eat Salad and drink water and Rocky agrees and puts a salad and a glass of water in the tray, Kathy carries the tray and sits with Gumball and Girls Up. Martha asked Kathy that why did she moved to Elmore and Kathy replied because her father finds a new job and this makes them moved to Elmore. Later, when lunch is finished, Kathy was touring around the school with Gumball and many boys greet her and this makes Kathy disgusted about their flirting personalities. She noticed Jasper taking a picture of her and Kathy tells him to keep that picture. It was going home time and Kathy thinks that is the best and the weirdest day of her lfe.


  • This is the first episode of Amanda Lopez.
  • The episode is (somewhat) same as the original episode "The Dress", but entirely different.

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