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After Gumball and Darwin lose their newspaper, they must find another copy.

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Gumball and Darwin try to find another copy of today's newspaper.


The Newspaper begins with the family having lunch. Gumball and Darwin read the newspaper as Anais asks them what was the news. Gumball and Darwin look at the newspaper and say "Nothin'." Anias asks "You're not reading it are you?" to which they respond "Nope." Anaighs sighs angrily while Nicole opens the door on her way to work. The newspaper flies out of their hands and lands on the whell of their car. They try to save it but Nicoe destroys it as soon as she pressed the gas. Gumball cries and asks what they willl do, and Darwin hs an idea. They end-up at the Newspaper Store and go inside. Larry Needlyemeyer notices them and literally runs away screaming "I QUIT!!!!" Gumball and Darwin look over the selections, some of which read Elmore Fashion, Puss, Cat USA, and Schoolers Digest. None of which contained the same news as the newspaper had. Gumball breaks down again, but then comes-up with an idea. They call the newspaper company on the phone number they have based on the scraps of the newspaper. A dog with a mustache answers they're call and Gumball asks if they have any more newspaper from today. The dog employee says no and hangs-up, to whcih Darwin asks if Gumball is oky, to which he responds: "NO IT"S NOT." He picks-up the cell-phone and yells, "THIS! IS! SPARTA!" and throws the cell-phone into the garbage despenser. Gumball literally tears the house down but in the midst of his rage he finds one last copy of the Newspaper, but just as he finally realizes this Nicole comes out and yells "WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS MESS???!!!" To which Gumball squeeks. The End.


  • This episode marks the first appearance of the Dog Employee.
  • This newspapers Gumball and Darwin find in the newspaper store are parodies of Us, USA, Teen Fashion, and Readers Digest.
  • This episode marks the first time Gumball shouts a cheesy line from a movie.