(takes place after The Meddler,and The Trip.)

Sullvan: (On a giant machine.) Alright, Zack. Once we do this nuke explosion, we will become history! Are you ready or this?

Zack: You Bet!!! Lets do this! (Pulls switch.)

(The machine starts to shoot a lazer that forms an huge electric ball.)

Sullvan: Alright! Now lets turn the Wool on!!!!!!

(Uses an cannon that shoots fire.)

(House burns.)

  • Nicole,The Orphans,Gumball in a chearleading costume,Darwin,and Anias are at the porch.*

Sulvan: It may end life as we know it, BUT I AM CROSSING THE BEEMS!!!!!!

(Everything is in 3D.)

Everyone on the Porch: Hey whats going on?

Tobia's dad: Dont worry my dears. Ill make you to stop talking like jetfire and flam-hey whats that?

Everyone on the porch: Uh Oh......

Sullvan: MORE POWER!!!!! (Zack turns on a lazer.) MORE POWER!!!!!!!!!! (Zack turns on another lazer.) MORE POWER!!!!!! (Zack turns on a huge lazer.) MASIVE POWER!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  • Elmore blows up.*
  • Everyone is burnt and Sullvan is no longer seen.*

Mom: Zack!

  • Everyone hugs him.*

Zack: Please dont be mad.

Mom: As long as your OK im fine.

Darwin: Weres Sullvan?

Zack: I don't know..............

(Everyone sees Felix on the street but is not burnt and has his appearence in The Death.)

Gumball: Um...this isnt what it looks like? Hehehe.... (Nerviously.)

  • Shows a black backround and the word END in the middle with an bleep sound.*


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