This is the deleted scene of The Orphans.


Sullvan Dog sees the four orphans walk to The Wattersons House. He thinks they are intruters so he gets an nuke to blow them up. Meanwhile, Penny, Teri, and Leslie are playing baseball and Penny accidently hits the ball to hard and the ball hits Sullvan's doghouse and the doghouse trips over and then, while Sullvan is traped in it, the nuke defends the orphans and Sullvan blows up.

At the end, Sullvan is seen walking into the kitchen burnt after the nuke explosion and Gumball trys to ask what happend and he says "Dont ask" and walks away.


Sullvan couldv'e died becauise of the nuke explosion

This was suppose to be Sullvan'ss debut, not The Rememberance.

In a scene when orphans are walking home in, The Tail, When they make it, Sullvan's Doghouse is seen smoking which could take place in this scene.

Also, in Human Gumball's Sorrow, His grave from The Rock can be seen saying, "R.I.P Sullvan. You were killed by a rock, and was blown to smitherens by a nuke. WHAT'S NEXT!!?? "Which possibly took place in this scene.

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