Anais get the Chicken Pox and it effects her work in school.


One night at about 3:30 AM Anais wakes up feeling weird, so she goes to the bathroom to splash water on her face then goes back to bed. The next morning when she heads for the bathroom she notices her skin covered in red spots. When she looked in the mirror she screamed: Goooood Gravy! Her parents and brothers heard her and wondered why she screamed. "Anais are you okay?" asked her mother Nicole when she knocked on the door. Anais came out of the bathroom covering her face from her family. Then showed them her face, "Wow sis, that's a bad case of chickenpox." said Gumball. "I know I look like a polka-dotted clown." said Anais, upset. Scene changes to the doctor's office. "Well doc how bad is it?" asked Richard. "Pretty bad case I might say, same symptoms though: fever, loss of appetite, headache, etc." the doctor told the family in the office with Anais. "Just keep her in bed, and make sure she stays hydrated and nutritional balanced and she should be okay in a couple of weeks," said the doctor. Back at the Watterson house Richard is downstairs and Anais is upstairs in bed upset about having chickenpox and hugs her Daisy the Donkey doll to calm down. Nicole is at work and Gumball and Darwin are at school. In bed Anais is wondering how the chicken pox will affect her grade in school, later that afternoon while she was in bed Gumball knocked on her bedroom door; "Come in," Anais called. "Hey sis, your teacher asked us to bring your homework home," said Gumball. "Thanks." said Anais as she read through her homework sheet. Just then Richard asked the boys to come downstairs, Gumball and Darwin went downstairs and Anais started her homework.

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