The Students
The Students Title Card
Creator Abbeybunny
Summary Gumball falls in love with a new student named Heather. But they break up.
Date of Creation September 2, 2012


After meeting three new students, Gumball ''falls in love'' with one of the students named Heather.

Major Characters

  • Gumball Watterson
  • Darwin Watterson
  • Mabel Watterson
  • Heather Higgins

Minor Characters

  • Juli Le Leu
  • Shelldon Orson
  • Nicole Watterson
  • Anais Watterson
  • Richard Watterson

Cameos Made by:

  • Rocky Robinson
  • Martha Nuttels (mentionated)


*theme song plays*

*screen shows “The Students”*

Gumball:*is sleeping on the bus with Darwin, Mabel and Anais.*

Mabel:*yelling* WAKE UP, GUMBY!

Gumball:*wakes up in a shaky way* WOAAHHHH! Mabel, is that you?

Mabel:*sigh ironically* Yeah, who else? Now, really, wake up seriously, Sleepy.

Rocky:Here we are!

*everyone gets off the bus and into Elmore Junior High*

Anais:I thought I saw 3 new students on OUR bus!

Mabel:Me too! Wait, they were 3?...

Darwin:I think so, too!

Gumball:I must investigate this!

*Gumball sees the 3 new students down the hallway*

???:Who’s that blue cat in the hallway?

???:I don’t know. But, he looks cute!

*??? Comes down and meets Gumball*


Gumball:Uh, hello! What’s your name?

???:Heather! What’s yours?

Gumball:I'm Zach, but everyone callsme Gumball.

*screen shows Heather with hearts around her*

Gumball:*with heart eyes* Do you have the same feeling?

Heather:*cleans glasses, then puts them back on* *eyes turn into hearts*Yeah. Anyway, bye!


Gumball:*in mind*What a stupid mistake I made! If I break up with Heather, she’ll be heartbroken and I’ll lose my powers! Why did I even…

Heather:Here are my friends! Juli and Shelldon, He's Gumball!

Juli and Shelldon:Hi, Gumball!

Gumball:Hi, Juli and Shelldon!

Anais:*slaps head*

Principal Brown:*on the intercom*Excuse me, every student. Sullvan eat a taco.


Gumball:*to Penny*Can I break up with you?

Penny:Yeah ? I broke up with you anyway. I just LOVE Shelldon now!

Gumball:*in mind*Phew! Heather would’ve been heartbroken!

Heather:Wanna sit on the bus together?

Gumball:Uh, yee!*sweats*

Mabel:What have you done, dude?!


Mabel:*shouts in Gumball’s ear*This means that you might marry a NERD.

Gumball:Oh, I didn’t notice that. She’s sitting with us. Meet you on the bus! *walks out the doors with others*

*everyone gets on the bus*

*bus rides away*

Heather:Hee hee hee!

Gumball:I can’t IMAGINE what my future with Heather will look like! It'll be so terrible…

Darwin:What, Gumball?

Gumball:*to Darwin*I might marry Heather when I grow up! I’m SO nervous about it!


Gumball:Uh, yeah! When we get dropped off!

Mabel:*to Gumball* Do you seriously love Heather?

Gumball:Oh, I dunno. I broke up with Penny because she broke up with me because now she has a crush on Shelldon!

*bus drops off kids*

Heather:Now, let's pretend to get married!*puts on lipstick*

Gumball:*in slow motion and tries to get away from Heather*NOOOOOOOOOOOO…

Heather:*kisses Gumball on the lips*

Gumball:*traumatized and faints after being kissed*

Mabel:So Gumball, you learned your lesson about loving a nerd.

Gumball:*hoarsely*Please help me.

Mabel:Oh, fine. I thought you were old enough to get up! *gets Gumball up*

Gumball:But I’m very nervous that I might end up marrying Heather! I hope I meet another girl.

Mabel:You won’t.

Heather:That's goin' awkward if there's flying taco.


Heather:*kisses Gumball on the lips*Taco never flies!

Nicole:Welcome home! Why are you home so early?

Mabel:Because Principal Brown told us it was Very Early Release Day (LIAR LIAR).

Richard:*comes out of The Watterson’s house* Oh! I thought my watch was broken.

Nicole:I saw that you were with another girl.

Gumball:*in mind*Oh great! Now Mom and Dad know that I have a crush on Heather!

Mabel:Cat got your tongue, Gumball?*laughs*

Gumball:Mom, I was with Heather at the bus stop, and she KISSED me!

Heather:That’s right! I LOVE GUMBALL!

Nicole:You broke up with Penny?

Gumball:Sure, because she now developed a crush on Shelldon.

Nicole:She can have a DATE with you!


Mabel:Whenever you remember.

Heather:Can I please marry you when I grow up, Gumball?

Gumball:I'm not thinking ay that. But hmmm. I have a crush on Martha. PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!

Heather:Good job, Gumball! *hugs Gumball*

Mabel:I think a raccoon stole some of our snacks.

Nicole:It doesn’t matter because nobody's hungry.


*end of episode*

*credits show*


  • Juli and Shelldon's last names aren't revealed in this episode, but they're revealed in RC's blog.
  • The raccoon that stole the Wattersons's snacks is Ravi Racoon, who was losing in the city.

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