Richard destroys the TV and it is up to Gumball and Darwin to buy a new one.


(At home)

Richard: I'm watching the TV... To , and this button?


MeeMee: (Laughing)

Nicole: What of what!

Richard: Oops...

(At mall)

Gumball: Great shit...

Darwin: TV fuck.

Gumball: (0_0) Look!

Darwin: Wow, what TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Richard: $590,534,536,636,645,654,455,455,456,533,457,909,754,324,543,553,345,434,579,975,435,796,434,665,443,675.05!

Gumball: Whoa. that's a lot of money!!!!

Darwin: Shop?

Richard: Shop!

Gumball: We need money first!

(At jail)

Nicole: Sons of a bitch, but that you have done?

Richard: WTF...

??????: Ehem....

Everyone else: ???

Sullvan: What did I tell you about swearing?......(Takes out chainsaw.)

Everybody: AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

(Now back at the mall)

Gumball: Hey............Where's Richard?

Darwin: Never mind about that! Let's get going! (They runs to a alcoholic store)

Gumball: Uh........... We're looking for someone! NOT buying alcohol drinks!

Darwin: Not that! Him!

AiAi: Hi guys!

Gumball: Hello!

Darwin: (-_-) You mean him!

Crypto: What.

Gumball: Okay!

TO BE CONTINUED................


  • In this episode Richard goes to the jail.


Main characters

  • Gumball
  • Darwin
  • Richard

Minor Characters

  • Nicole
  • Police
  • Crypto
  • Pox
  • Sussie
  • Masami
  • Bobert
  • MeeMee
  • AiAi
  • Teri
  • Hector
  • Larry
  • Boom men
  • Pink Bear
  • Anais
  • Principal Brown
  • Tobias
  • Hot Wolf
  • Hot Dog

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