The Tail of Sullvan Dog is a dead while Jonh sews new other one.


  • Sullvan:Jonh , my tail is dead.
  • Jonh:sew other tail.
  • Anais:Hello boys , and the tail of sullvan?
  • Sullvan:?????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • Anais:my help please?
  • Jonh:YEAH
  • Anais:Thanks
  • Jonh (while the new sews tail he says): Do I tread on you a car?
  • Sullvan: If, now you have been sorry about me and and of killing yourself. (To extract mechanical saw and cuts hands to Jonh)
  • Sullvan:Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
  • Jonh: are a son of a bitch.
  • Anais:pause.
  • Sullvan: THATS IT!!!!!!!!!!!! (Jumps on John,beating him up.) YOU WAN'T YOUR SWEAR? HERE! HERES YOUR SWEAR!!!!!
  • John: AHHH!!!!!! STOP!!!! IM SORRY!!!!!
  • Anias: Guys guys....stop it......

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