Mabel plans a takeover that includes Monty; deja vu of certain things.


The Takeover

Monty: You're right. What if Mabel takes over the world? What if Cheryl comes back? What if evil mom and dad teleport here?

Gumball: There's just too many variables!

Meanwhile in Mabel's room

Mabel 1: We have cloned this army to take over the world, not eat orange chicken! We have cloned this army to make Elmore City ours, not watch the clouds! We need a plan!

Mabel 2: How about we-

Mabel 3: build a machine-

Mabel 4: with our magnetar-

Mabel 5: slavery gun, and-

Mabel 2: include Monty for once-

Mabel 3: and for all!

Mabel 1: Great idea, Mabels 2-5!

Mabels 2-5: Thanks!

Mabel 6: Why wasn't I included, Mabel 7?

Mabel 7: I don't know! Ask Mabel 5.

Mabel 6: Why didn't I get to say anything, Mabel 5?

Mabel 5: Because it wasn't in the script!

Mabel 1: That's correct, sadly.

  • Meanwhile back in Monty's room*

Monty: I think I sense Mabel planning.

Mabel 1: Let's scram! And this time, enslave Monty.

Monty: She's going after us!

Gumball: And Elmore City. You know what that means...

Monty: Say goodbye to wanting Slushy Magic?

Gumball: NEVER WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THAT! It means clone ourselves!

  • At the clone machine in the attic*

Monty: Let's do this!

Narrator: 1 clone of Monty and Gumball later...

Monty 2: Nice to meet me! Get it? Because you're me?

Monty and Gumball: HAHAHAHAHAHA!


Monty: Not enough. Clone more. Now.

Narrator: 3 more clones of Monty and Gumball later...

Monty 4: NYENYENYENYENYE! (Hello! My name is Paper Jam Monty! I need some Mix 218.0 NOW!)

Gumball 3: Don't make me partner up with him!

Monty 3: Shh! Don't say that. Do you want some Mix 218.0?

Paper Jam Monty: NYE! (Yes!)

Narrator: 1:48 AM...

Monty 14: OK, now Mabel should be on it, cause she usually prepares her takeovers at 7:16 AM.

Monty 27: But she has to wake up this early just to enslave me.

Monty 6: No, I'm me!

Monty 78: No, I'm me!

Monty 45: No, I'm me!

Monty 87: No, I'm me!

Gumball 23: You're all you.

Montys(all of them): Yay!!

Monty 64: Let's do this thing!

Gumball 64: Eh, OK?

The Recent

Monty: I'm bored.

Gumball: Go to school?

Monty: It's Sunday!

Anais: How about time travel?

Both Monty and Gumball: YEAH!

Monty: Who said that?

Anais: Next to you.

Monty: Oh, Anais...

Monty and Gumball visit the year 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999- This year is non-existient, is it?

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