The Toilet


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Gumball's toilet suddenly comes to life.

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Gumball and Darwin add a new brother in their family.


Gumball and Darwin look over the Toilet for several hours because they had seen some weird stuff happening in the restroom. Gumball gets bored and decides to leave until Darwin says "The Toilet's burping!" The toilet stands-up, looking at them as if they were bothering him. Annoyed, he pushed the amazed brothers outside the door, and slams the door on them. "Wow! The toilet's alive!" Gumball imagines what having a toilet brother would be like, and they decide to spy on the toilet. After two days of study which were interfered by Anais and Nicole, Gumball and Darwin trick the toilet by pretending to sit on it, causing it to stand-up. The toilet gets more annoyed, and throws Gumball and Darwn into their room. A few days later Gumball and Darwin come to the restroom to see the window crashed and toilet water splashed all over the floor. Gumball and Darwin go outside to see the toilet steal Laurence Needlymeyer's passing car. Gumball and Darwin follow on foot and are able to catch-up when the toilet crashes into a poll. Thinking he is dead, Gumball opens the door and finds the toilet gone. They see some rustling in the bushes near-by and the toilet comes-out being attacked by the squirrels. Gumball and Darwin try to help him but he slps and falls into the junk-yard, seriously injuring him. Tina's Dad discovers him and tries to eat the tolet, but is unable to and kickes him rght outside Gumball house. When Gumball and Darwin get back, they see the toilet beaten and lying on the ground. "I wanna be a toilet again" he says in a weary voice. The End.