The Video is an Season 3 episode of The Gumbapedia show. The footage of Gumball,Darwin,Anias,Penny,Carrie,and Bobert having sex from The Amazing world of gumball the movie:The Trip is reveled.


Acova shows Sullvan Dog and T.L.O.E.J an embarencing video.


Gumball (Vid.)

Darwin (Vid.)

Anias (Vid.)

Penny: (Vid.)

Carrie (Vid.)

Fan fic Characters

Sullvan Dog

T.L.O.E.J  (Exept Parody Sullvan.)



Acovo: Hey,Bro. Check this out.

Sullvan: Sex? What's that?

Radar: Yeah.......

(Sees video.)

Dr.Mini: Ugh....That was horrible. I can't belive I was there!!!!!!

Werewolf Sullvan: AS8YYYSWGHHNETBGFDYTD????????????????????

Brownjelly: This....Is....ADORABLE!!!!! ;D

Spraygator: ARE YOU KARATE KIDDIN ME???!!!!

Sprayjr.: YEAH!!!

B: No! Im seorius!!! Awww!!!

R: Say whaaaaaa??????

(Video ends.)

Sullvan: That was OMG! Hey Acovo.

Acovo: Yeah,Bro?

Sullvan: Knife machine.

Acovo: Say what, BroOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (While sliced my knife machine.)


(Episode ends.)


Parody Sullvan and Shadow Gumball are the only membes that is not in the episode.

40th time Felix nor Max appear.

In this episode, Sullvan is acting like his early reel verson from The Creator.

Second time someone gets killed by a knife after The Creator.

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