Glusinous it attacks again.


  • (In the capsule monsters game.)  
  • Aqua cat: So the reason I called you here is because something HORRIBLE has happened!
  • MeeMee: What happened!?
  • Aqua Cat: Glusinous has escaped his ice prison!
  • Fireball: UH....OH............
  • Darwin: How!?
  • Aqua Cat: You frogot to freeze his tail tip.....
  • Everyone but aquacat: Oh......
  • Aquacat: I'll try to stop him! You five have to get the element of elmore!
  • Gumball: Ok!
  • (AT HOME.......)


  • TBA


Main characters

  • The Wattetsons
  • Glusinous

Minor Characters

  • Jonh
  • Mario
  • Clowny
  • George
  • Mrs. Ericson
  • Bobert
  • Crypto
  • Aquacat
  • MeeMee
  • Fireball


  • TBA

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