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Continuation of The Building.

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The episode continues The Building story. Gumball, Darwin, Anais, and Penny, all in war helmets, arm themselves with weapons ranging from fruits, water-ballows, and paper spiters. 3:17 P.M: "FIRE!", Gumball yells and they throw all they have at the construction workers, one of them knocked unconsious. They attack agin while the Construction worker quickly build a catapult out-of thin air. The other kids (Tobias, Molly, and Bobert) notice and joins the fight. The second day of battle, 3:17 PM, Saturday: Both sides have taken HUGE casualties. Darwin was hit with a piece of wood and was knocked uncounsious. The 3D Cube Employee nearly got his eye taken out by Boberts smaller catapult. The museum also took heavy hits, with the Dinousaur exhibit nearly gone and the highest floor of the building completely taken-out. The night shift: 6:45: construction reinforcements come-in and chances of victory look bleak. But Gumball, despite taking a serious wound to the arm, kepps firing weakly while Tobia, Anais, and Bobert try to get more ammo.The Dog Employee comes in and is nearly killed in an ambush of enemy firing. The 3D cube employe orders and direct strike on enemy positions on the left, whcich consists of Penny, Darwin, and Rocky. He also orders non-sop fire and Gumball's position, and a reannactment of The Alamo begins. For most of the night Gumball and the others keep them from advanceing, but on Sunday heavy casualties caused them to move into deep museum territory. Gumball uses the bones of Tina's great-grandfather to hit 15 construction workers. 6:15: The end of the siege ended with the 3D cube employee's death from a bone the struck him in the head. If forced the construction workers to retreat, but heavy casualties on all three sides are huge. Gumball has a nearly cut-off right arm, Bobert has lost his right ear to a wood attack, and Darwin was knocked unconscious by enemy fire. The musem of half gone, with most of the exhibits washed away. The only thing standing is the dinousar fossil, and parts of the Egyptian museum. The End.