A heatwave is in Elmore and the Wattersons try to cool off.


At the Watterson house on a hot summer day the Wattersons are panting and sweating Nicole checks the temperature outside and see it's 104 degrees F, Richard then asks how much hotter it could get. The temperature then rises to 107 degrees. "Dad did you have to ask?" said Gumball sweating. Darwin then asks if there's anyway they can all cool off, they all think; nothing yet. Anais squeezes all the sweat off her ears. The temperature turns to 108 degrees. "I know how to determine the temperature," Anais just thought. The Wattersons had gone outside, cracked open an egg and the egg landed on the sidewalk. "Anais will you please forget about the egg, and think about cooling off. I'm melting," Gumball exclaimed. "Maybe a glass of lemonade would help. We could even sell it to make some extra cash." Richard explained. "Yawn" said Gumball. "Oh and I suppose you have a better idea?" asked Richard. The temperature turns to 109 degrees.

The Wattersons are at the table while Gumball explains his plan. "Okay my idea is we make a water slide, and that should cool us off," Gumball explained. "Sweetie, it hasn't rained in a week, the water level could be low so we better try something else," said Nicole. "Alright," Gumball sighed. "Actually that might work, but we need to draw out the slide before we build it so we know what were doing," said Anais. Moments later...

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