The World of Hacker Gumball




Part No.

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Gumball is sucked into his computer after he hacks the internet.

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It wasn't long when Gumball got addicted to the computer. His eyes were blood shot from all the hours of him staring at a screen. His hands gained impressive speed from typing all day. Nicole tried to pull the plug, but Gumball managed to avoid her attack. "If Mom can't take Gumball off the computer, then no one can." Anais says one day. Upstairs, Gumball was typing with vigor. Darwin was in his bowl, pretending to sleep. He was looking at the screen, but there was only green. Darwin noticed Gumball just sitting there, doing nothing but stare. Darwin became bored soon after and started drifting to sleep. It was Gumball's fingers clicking the keys on the keyboard woke him from his slumber. His messages were a garbled mess. Darwin wrote down what he saw.

H>AC.ID=165673;IDC CONNECT 134945

Note: This is just a random guess what a Hacker would type.

A few minutes later, the family was sitting together at the dinning table. "Are we here to eat?" Richard questions Nicole. "No dear, Darwin is here to say something." She said to Richard quietly. Darwin sets down the small note he wrote. The family stares in silence when Richard speaks up. "Darwin, you learned to write?!" Richard says with pride. "I mean...Uhh...Aghhh...Hmm..." He musters to himself when he realized what he said. Nicole rolls her eyes. Anais looks and stares at the message. "I got it!" Anais yells. "What is it?" Nicole says back. Anais points to the H in the note. "See this? This means HACK. The AC is the barrier protecting the file Gumball is trying to Hack. The ID was inserted, breaking the barrier. The other numbers represent the virus." Anais says. Nicole just laughs. "Ahahahahaha...HAHAHAHA! You don't...belive my baby" Nicoel couldn't finish her sentence. She knew the truth.

Nicole bursted into the room where Gumball was typing rapidly. "Young man! GET OFF THE COMPUTER NOW!" she yells. Gumball types even faster. "Mom, I'm in the MIDDLE of things. So go away." Gumball says in a sluggish voice. Nicole blasted with anger. She screamed so loud, the neighbors around their house heard her scream as clear as the sun. Gumball was still typing, not caring about those around him. Nicole stomped downstairs, leaving Gumball to himself. Gumball looks back, making sure no one is there. Once hes certain that no one is there, he opens a green screen. As he begins hacking, the internet starts to malufunction. Gumball is only able to type one word when he gets sucked in. "HACKER"

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