Few hours into the night, Darwin realized that Gumball wasnt in his bed. He wasnt typing on the computer either. Darwin got worried, so he checked the computer. No one bothered to turn off the computer because they thought Gumball was still typing. Nicole was resting from the "Rampage" she had when Gumball didnt listen to her, Richard was asleep, and Anais was doing Who-knows-what in her room. Darwin saw the same green screen he did when Gumball hacked some random files. It was shorter and had only one word. "HACKER." Darwin said outloud. He knew Gumball was a hacker, but why would he type it out? Darwin types one letter, worried he might trigger some trap. Nothing. Nicole comes in, surprised it was only Darwin. "Darwin..." Nicole says holding coffee. "Wheres Gumball...?!" Darwin shrugs. Anais and Richard comes in the room. "Whats all the ruckus?" Anais questions. Nicole just sighs. "Gumball isn't anywhere." She says slowly. "Maybe it's the computer." Darwin suggested. He gestures everyone to go closer to the screen. "See? It says..." "Hacker" Anais interupts. Before Nicole can say to Anais not to interupt, the screen glew bright. The whole room flashed, making it impossible to see. The light dissapeared, and the family was gone.


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