The Yearbook


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Part Three




Continuation of The Yearbook.

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This is part 3 of "The Yearbook".


The two just stood there, weak and helpless. Darwin was confused as he has not written what that yearbook read. He knew that something was wrong, but couldn't configure how and why it happened. The rioters ran as they got closer to them. They wanted to run out but remembered that other rioters were waiting outside. So they did what was probably best, to barge through the crowd. They then charged towards the crowd in the hope of getting through it. But things didn't go out as planned, the rioters then started to beat the living crud out of the two, but mainly Darwin. Five minutes later, they got out on the other side of the crowd, but by then, they could hardly move. They had to drag their bodies across the hall to get to class. When they finally got to Miss Simian's room, they saw Miss Simian sitting at her desk, reading a book. They then lifted their bodies from the ground and yelled at Miss Simian, demanding why she destroyed Darwin's social life. Miss Simian said that she never accounted HER writing that down. She then assumed that she was either hallucinating from too much coffee, or the document was edited by mistake. But she then pointed out that it'll be extremely difficult if not, impossible, to deliver out that it's a lie. She then assumed that they'll eventually lose a grudge on it. But Darwin then realized something he never felt before. That he was being hated by others, and Gumball doesn't know the first thing about socializing. He felt as if life no longer served a purpose. So, he then walked out of the building, going through the crowd and getting beaten. He dragged himself home, upstairs, and into his room. He then put a lock on the door, so nobody could get in. Gumball knocked the door several times to try to comfort Darwin, but Gumball got no answer. He didn't even come down for dinner, and so Gumball was once more able to look at an empty chair. Gumball knew things wouldn't get better anytime soon. After dinner, Gumball once again tried to comfort Darwin, but once again, no answer. Gumball then went downstairs, and noticed Richard's wallet on the coffee table. He looked through its contents and found a credit card. Gumball took the credit card, and walked upstairs with it. He then inserted the card at the door, and slid it down. Gumball heard and clink, and he was able to open the door. Upon opening the door, Gumball was about to have the biggest surprise of his life. To Be Continued