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This is part 6 of "They Yearbook".


Reporter: We now go live to Elmore Junior High School.

Female Reporter: Thank you. Here we are at Elmore Junior High School, the very roots of this untimely death. We now speak with live witnesses.

Masami: I know that this is live and all, but I need to say something. I was the one who edited the yearbook and denounced Darwin. Yes, I know what I've done is very wrong. I only wanted to hurt his feelings just a little, not kill him. But, I can explain all of this. I said something about having boyfriends to my friends, and they all boasted about how great "boyfriends" they had. And I was pressured by my friends to name my "boyfriend". I was tense, and I blurted out the first name that came in my head. And that name was Darwin. And since then I've been forcing him to do relationship stuff that I knew he didn't want to do or have time for. He eventually tried to dump me, but I got him back by fake tears, and I tried to kiss him by force. And in the description, I bended the truth a bit to get back on him for not kissing me. And I got him cornered in the treehouse about to kiss him, when all of a sudden, the treehouse collapsing, and he got away from me. So I am so deeply sorry Darwin for what I've done, and I would give my life to bring you back.

Female Reporter: So it turns out that this girl here has bullied Darwin to death. However, it wasn't her fault, it was merely peer pressure.

Reporter: What an interesting story here. Anyway, there are posters hung up all over Elmore to help everyone remember this event. We're not too sure on who hung these posters up, but god bless the person who did. And there will be a memorial service for Darwin on Sunday. And now on to sports.

Nicole then turned off the TV at that point and started to cry loudly. This is something that Gumball has never seen Nicole do before. I was then thinking about telling her the whole truth. But something in Gumball kept him from doing so, so he started to cry as well. To Be Continued