This is part 7 of "The Yearbook".


That night at dinner, Richard saw Gumball and Nicole praying. Trevor then asked the two why they were praying. When Nicole explains what "happened", she points out that Trevor is all Gumball has left. They all then eat dinner in silence. The next day at school when Gumball walked in, everyone froze where they were. All of their mouths were dropped open. Gumball knew why they were like this. Penny then walked over to Gumballk, and kissed him on the cheek. As Gumball walked down the hall, he walked by more people who looked depressed. But Masami looked absolutley miserable. Gumball walked over to Masami to comfort her. Gumball tells Masami that it isn't her fault. Masami rebels and totally wants to take the blame. She then said that she would take a shotgun and blow her brains out, if it meant Darwin would come back. In Miss Simian's class, Miss Simian also looked depressed. She then said in a calm voice:

Miss Simian: Class, there will be no classes today. Yesterday, we have lost one of our own classmates. Would Gumball Watterson step forward.

(Gumball goes to the front of the room.)

Gumball, would you like to speak.

Gumball: As you know, my brother's life was taken yesterday at about 3 in the afternoon. This folks, is the damage that revenge can do to someone. In the days before his death, he has been bullied vigerously. Because Masami has made an edit to the yearbook. One that was life-stopping.

Gumball then sat down, and Miss Simian sadly introdced Trevor to the class. At lunch, everyone was acting very nice to Gumball. While Masami has moved to the bottom of the totem pole. Gumball knew that his rehad plan for Darwin was working. So at home, Gumball became destined to get Darwin back going by Sunday. So Gumball first made Darwin do some role-playing. Gumball imagines himself as a Banana Joe, and Darwin has to have a friendly conversation. Darwin kept on messing up, mainly because he's not happy enough. So Gumball then realized that this will be a lot more difficult than he expected. To Be Continued