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Continuation of The Yearbook, Part 8.

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This is part 9 of "The Yearbook".


Everyone filed in the church quickly and quietly. There was a few minutes of silence, and the priest finally stood up at the end of the altar.

Priest: Friends and loved ones, we are gathered here today to remember something important. This person is Darwin Watterson. He has commited the worst of crimes, suicide. But it was thy bully that made him do such a thing. Even though he was only 10 years old when he died, he still had a lot of adventures in him. Out of those 12 years, he was only a citizen to one's view for all his live. However in the Lord's view, he was a citizen from the first breath of life he took. Darwin was a cheerful person. One of devotion, friendship, and compassion. And although his messages weren't actually heeded, the Lord was always listening. And at times, people did listen, but wouldn't apply it for everything they done. Darwin was not too accepted, he was seen as a buffoon to some. But even the Lord knows that there was always one person Darwin looked up to. May Gumball Watterson step up to the altar.

Gumball then stood up and went up to the altar. When he got to the top, he didn't know what to say to the people. He stood still for a minute, and then spoke.

Gumball: Thanks Ms. Priest. You're right, I always was there for Darwin. And when that bully came 'round, I gave it everything to rehabilitate him. But his depression was by far more severe than I had imagined. We tried as a team to fight it, but it was just too much for Darwin to take. He then took the noose, and hung there. But after a minute or two, the noose got unloose. When that happened, I was tense, so I checked to see if he was still alive. He was, but barely. Before he died, Darwin told me to avenge his death. So I took a start by hanging those signs around town, for anyone who's wondering. And I even went to the church to have this special service. So Darwin, in regards, you were the best friend one could ever have. I was the odd man out, and you helped me. Darwin, you are-

Before Gumball could finish what he was saying, the door opened. Everyone looked back to see who it was. There was a light that was blinding (the sunlight), and a silhouette in the center. The mysterious silhouette then walked closer. And then everyone was awed by who it was. It was Darwin that walked in. And he had a story to tell. To Be Continued