.The Yoshi Is an Season 2 episode of The Show. In this episode, Sullvan Dog shows Gumball Yoshi Island.

[NOTE] I love Yoshi! I love him so much!!!!!!!!! I even bought a plush toy of him!!!!!!!! But I need to find out some deaths and injuries for next time. So yes. Yoshi will die in this. I'm sorry. But don't worry! He'll appear in an future episode. Possibly in Ask Sullvan 2.


Sullvan shows Gumball an island.


(View of Yoshi Island.)

Gumball: So, Were are we again.

Sullvan: It's a place called Yoshi Island.

G: I'm kinnda worried I would die here. I think we should leave.

S: Don't worry! It says that there are some multi-colored harmless dinosaurs.

G: Awsome! What else?

S: There is an famous mostly known loved dinosaur called Green Yoshi.

G: So he's green?

S: Yep!

G: Wow! Hey, what are these dinos called?

G: Yoshis.

G: How do you know all this stuff?

S: Iv'e seen some I LOVE YOSHI!!!! comments and videos on YouTube.

G: Wow! Hey look!

(Points at an wierd looking flower.)

G: I think I should give this to Skylar!

S: Go ahead!

(Gumball picks up the flower and the island starts to sink.)

G: Uh....Sullvan....

S: Yes?

G: What kind of flower was that?

S: Looked like the flower that holds the island. When you unplug it, It won't plug back for two months. Why? Did you sink the-ISLAND!!!????????? (Notices the island is sinking.)

S: Uhhhh.... Yoshis.

Yoshis: Yoshi Yoshi?


Ys: BWAH!!!!! 

S: EVERYONE ON THE BOAT!!!! (Everyone runs to the boat.)

(Gumball and Sullvan go on the boat. But Gumball rows the boat away without the Yoshis.)



S: Hey, Yoshis!


S: Island!

Ys: OWOWOWOWOWOWOWO-(Island sinks with all the yoshis on it.)

G: ...............Oops........ I hope im not hated for this.....hehe.......... D:>.

S: Hey look! An angry mob at home! WITH SKYLAR IN IT!!!!! AND PENNY!!!!!!! Hold on. Let me see if they hate me.

(Goes to the angry mob.)

S: (Breaths in.) I was wondering if you guys hate me due to the island sinking.

Purple Moose: Well, did you do it?

S: No. It was Gumball! He pulled out an beutiful flower for Skylar but it was actully the hold of Yoshi Island!

Skylar: WHAT!? He knows I don't like flowers! Were is he!?

S: Over there! By the Boat :p.

Angry Mob: Thanks! GET HIM!!!!!!!!!!

G: Oh thanks alot! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

S: No problem!!!! Wait.What did I say now?

Darwin: Dude!

S: What?

D: Nevermind! Have fun!

S: Classic! LOL!!!!!


11th time Felix Dog nor Max Dog appear.

This episode finally has an Triva.

10th crossover.

First appearences of the Yoshis, Yoshi Island, and an Angry Mob.

Sullvan's second longest line after The Amazing World of Gumball Short:Sullvan likes Fluttershy.

In other episodes, Sullvan runs like Courage. In this, He runs like everyone else.


Title card:

At the Island:

Island drowns:

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