The Humcat==

The Humcat is an season 3 episode.It is created by the same creator of Sullvan Dog. The title is simular to The Human. This is also Human Gumball's appearence.


Anais make a poition that turns animals into humans.

Sullvan Dog? has to take care of Human Gumball while Anias make an animal poition.


Gumball Watterson

Anias Watterson

Darwin Watterson

Sullvan Dog

Human Gumball

Nicole Watterson

Richard Watterson


Gumball: Hey anias whats up?

Anias: Oh just making a poition for sciance.

Gumball: What does it do?

Anias: It makes you human.

Sullvan heres what anias said and is shocked

Gumball:Can i try?

Anias: Sure..

Gumball drinks the poition and his stomach growls

Gumball: UGGHHH... whats going on?

Anias: uh oooohh.....

Sullvan's eyes disintergrat.

Gumball's tail pops out and land on Sullvan's tounge?

Gumball's fur pops out also and land on Sullvan.

Gumball grows a new longer tail.

smoke covers gumball

Anias and Sullvan are shocked.?

Sullvan walks over to see is gumballs ok.

Human Gumball: Hi.

Sullvan: (Skin rips off) (higher voice) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

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