This is a gift to Abbeybunny.


Sullvan want's to thank Abbeybunny for her awsomeness


Sullvan: UUhhhhh How does this thing work?

Sullvan: Oh my gosh..... Gumball! GET OVER HERE!!!

Gumball: Yeah?

Sullvan: How do you work this piece of beans?

Gumball: I don't know.

Sullvan: Maybe we should ask Heather.

Sullvan: Anyways, Oh WHO TURNED ON THE CAMERA?!

Heather: Me!

Sullvan: Thanks!

Heather: No Prob!

S: So I just wanna say thank you Abbeybunny for all of your awsome stories! Keep it up!

H: Yeah!

S: So in the next Gumball.....well possibly Gumball and Sullvan episode we will make is-

(Heather hits Sullvan with a pan.)

(Sullvan gets knocked out.)

H: Ehehe...Errrr you'll find out! Oh, I hope this dosen't ruin my carrear.

Fireball: And he PROMISESES it will be made by Abbeybunny!

Fireball: And wheres Gumball?


This was the first appearence of Sullvan's Season 2 form (Atleast normally unlike it looking burnt or ruined.

83rd time Felix nor Max don't appear.

Second time Sullvan dies after The Rock.

Starting with this episode, all the names of the characters on the quotes will be the first letters of their names capitolized.


Enjoy your present,Abbeybunny! Have fun!!!

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