I heard you don't like my Gumball in a Nutshell. So i'll make you a story you'll like! Fireball Gets 100000 bucks!

From: Wikia Contributor

Deviantart name: Widward202


Sullvan gives Fireball 1,00000 dollars for being the best friend ever.


Sullvan: Hey,Fireball!

Fireball: Hey!

Sullvan: I heard your moving to Deviantart.

Fireball: Yeah. Wait,Don't you live in Deviantart to?

Sullvan: What's my name?

Fireball: Widward202.

Sullvan: ........toche. Oh well! Atleast you'll visit anytime! 

Fireball: Yeah!

Sullvan: Soooo I got you a little goodbye present!

Fireball (opens present) WOAH! 100000 BUCKS?! Thanks, man! WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS!?

Sullvan: Ummmmmmm.............

Fireball: You robbed it. Didn't you?

Sullvan: No! I'm idecent!

Fireball:  OK! Seeya buddy!

Sullvan: Alright,buddy!

(Fireball leaves.)

Police: STOP! Put your hands in the air!

Sullvan: NEVER! (Runs.)

Police: Get him!

(Police chase him.)


This was made so the creator can make DoctorWii frogive him after his comment he did on Gumball in a Nutshell.

This episode is the second time Gumball dosen't appear after Sullvan's Revenge!.

First time Sullvan does something bad. (Robs a bank.)

Sullvan has been caught and arrested by the police but he's in an Mental Hospital. He would later reappear with an cameo at the ending of the Season 5 episode, The Tornato.

This is one of the most loved episodes of Gumball along with The RememberanceThe Dog PrankThe Fireball AdventureSurvivor Gumball Island,The Robot and The Rock.

Note to DoctorWii

I'm so sorry for making fun of your characters. Please frogive me.

Have fun on Deviantart! Come back soon!

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