Trauma Center: Wattersons on the move




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Anais, now a surgeon, experiences the skill known as the Healing Touch.

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It wasn't long when Gumball, Darwin, and Anais grew up. Gumball and Darwin went to collage together, because they were long time pals. Anais, even though she was smaller, was sent to the best collage Delmore had, Delmore's Downrige Collage. After many years, the trio met up in a small restaurant. Gumball, now 30, spoke with a louder voice. Darwin has gotten smarter, even smarter than Gumball. Anais was taller and seemed more laid back. The odd part was that Anais was a world known Surgeon. She always hated blood. They were sitting at a table, staring at each other, like they just met. They stare at each other for a long time, till Gumball spoke up. "So Anais...your a surgeon?" He asked. Anais just nods. She couldn't tell him all the details. "I-" Before Anais could even say another word, Sirens broke off at a distance. "Gotta go!" She yells out. She runs out, not knowing Gumball and Darwin were hot on her trail.

Anais Shows some "Special" skills

Anais arrives at the scene, and paramedics were already at work. She walks to one of the paramedic. "Anais...Surgeon sent from Delmore's Center USA." She says, flashing her card at the paramedic. The paramedic nods and shows her to a back of an ambulance. Gumball and Darwin look from a distance. They couldn't see her clearly, but they could see her grab tools. At Anais' veiw, she was sweating a whole lot. "What happened?! How did metal peice into his chest?" Anais says while working. The paramedic working with her said a bomb exploded near the building. Anais just nods. The person's vitals (Look up wiki XD) started to drop down, lower and lower. "What the-?! There must be something else!" She yells. Vitals go down to 10. "I can't keep going....Unless....."

In Gumball and Darwin's veiw, Anais went at incredible speeds. Faster then Mr.Cheetah, their gym teacher long ago. In a few seconds, she took a suture (Its a needle....with string....) and stiched the cut. She put a bandage and started to relax. "What was that?!" Gumball said to Darwin. Darwin starts muttering to himself. The only thing he heard was two words. The Healing Touch.

Authors note: Another Cross over, now I have 3 sagas to keep up. GAH...I work too hard. Okay, so should I continue? PLZ SAY YES. I love this story, one of the best! XD

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