Trevor is a villan in The Gumbapedia show. He is first seen in The Gumball and Chowder crossover.


He has a torquise sweater. He also has some body parts that are like the other characters


He has defeated all of the Gumball and Chowder gangs. Nicole is really sad so he get's her revenge. Offscrean, she traps him on the elevator by putting bloody red gum on his rist stuck to the edges of the elevator and goes in. This makes Trevor confused and in 3 seconds, the elevator opens and Trevor spits in half.


Like Sullvan Dog,Parody Fireball,Parody Sullvan,Skylar Peterson,Daisy Watterson,King Sullvan,Max Dog,Felix Dog ,And Darwin, he is one of the characters to die in the series.

Here are the simular body parts he has.

Gumball: Sweater/head. (Without cheek.).

Penny: Antler.

(Not in series.) Discord: Other horn/Voice.

Sheldon: Color.

Sullvan: Tail

Fireball: Pants.

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