Trip.MOV is my verson/ the MOV verson of The Amazing world of gumball the movie:The Trip

Made by 18:35, January 28, 2013 (UTC)


Parody Gumball,Parody Anias, and Parody Darwin go to an tropical resort and get married.


Parody Gumball

Parody Fireball

Parody Sullvan

Parody Anias

Parody Darwin

Parody Carrie

Parody Penny

Parody Boberet

Parody Jake

Parody Docter.Mimi

Parody Mirranda

Parody Max (Picture cameo.)



If you look very closely in Parody Dr.Mini's room, you can see an picture of Parody Max smiling.

In, Darwin was MOV.Fluttershy. In this, he is MOV Rarity.

Nicole nor Richard don't appear in this episode.

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