Tyler as depicted by Flare .45
Age 12
Gender Male
Aliases none
Residence Oklahoma City (past)

Elmore (current)

Species Human
Friends Gumball Watterson

Darwin Watterson

Enemies Masami (possibly)
Relatives Un-named mother
Debut The New Kid (Part 1)
Tyler is a 12 year old, human boy. He debuted in the fanfiction The New Kid, where he is shown to have moved to Elmore and befriend his neighbors, Gumball and Darwin Watterson. He has a Playstation 3, and enjoys playing with it.


Tyler has brown hair that is usually left untidy. He wears a light blue colored shirt, except on Mondays, where he wears a red one. His waist is a bit expanded, a feature much similar to that of Gumball's, but he doesn't worry about this that much. He wears brown shoes every single day.


Tyler has an optomistic tone and usually acts normal and calm. He isn't very shy, but is uncomfortable around people he has not interacted with yet. He isn't baised when judging other people's personality unless he's already interacted with that certain person before. He has more respect for his mother than a regular 12 year old would be, and is very protective of his stuff, which is why he got his PlayStation 3. Rarely, unless the situation demands it, does he ever get angry or use inappropriate words. He's considerate and usually helps other people in need of help, even going as far as to share his lunch with Gumball and Darwin. Tyler is a good kid in general. It is hinted that he is shy around girls, because he immediately began to feel nervous when Masami tried to make him like her. He is also prepared, as shown in The Fire when he brought supplies anyone would bring during a fire emergency.


Tyler is good at soccer, as mentioned in The New Kid (Part 2). He is also extemely talented at picking locks, as he can unpick a lock with a pencil in only 5 minutes.


Gumball Watterson

Tyler's best friend. At first Tyler was uncomfortable around him, but quickly got to know how great of a friend he was.

Darwin Watterson

Tyler's second best friend. Darwin and Tyler don't interact as much but Tyler does consider Darwin a friend.


Tyler is not at all in good terms with Masami, mostly because she tried to get him to think of her as more than a friend, which made Tyler extremely uncomfortable.


The New Kid

In The New Kid, Tyler had just moved to Elmore and was befriended by Gumball and Darwin Watterson. After his first day at Elmore Junior High, Tyler was convinced that he had found a great place to live.

The Fire

In part 3 of The Fire, Tyler is taken to the fire shelter in Glenmore and is greeted by the Wattersons, who are also some of the citizens seeking shelter from the fire.

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