Tyson "Gumball Jr." Watterson
Gumball jr
Tyson Watterson at a young age
Age 6
Gender Male
Aliases Tyson, Gumball Jr.
Residence Elmore
Species Cat
Friends Gumball and Mabel Watterson
Enemies Budur and Fireball Watterson (If he's mad)
Relatives The Wattersons
Debut The Class
Tyson (Gumball Jr.) Watterson is a 6-year old male cat who's Monty's brother. He is so far the 2nd youngest of all of the Wattersons. (p.s It's Tyson Again is true, but it hasn't been written about on the wiki yet. You can find Mercury's page here.)


Tyson resemble very much an younger Gumball, hence his nickname. He's a blue cat, with 3 quarters of Monty's height. He wears a green propeller hat, with a green overalls under a pale blue T-shirt. He doesn't wear shoes.


Tyson can be energetic, optimist, playful, somewhat nosy and annoying, but everybody loves him.


  • Tyson resemble very much an younger Gumball.
  • In It's Tyson Again, his age (6) is revealed.
  • It's hinted that his middle name is Rudolph, making a reference at Santa Claus' red-nosed reindeer.

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