On the way home from school, Anais gets kidnapped by a eagle! So Gumball, Darwin, MeeMee, and Fireball has to save her

Fan Fiction

Episode begins with Gumball, Fireball, MeeMee, Darwin and Anais walking on the street on their way home

Gumball: Man! They give us so much homework!

Gumball: I have important things to do!!

Fireball: Like sitting on the couch watching Wrestling while eating potato chips?

Gumball: No!..Maybe...

Anais: Hey! What's that?

(Anais points at an eagle who is flying in circles around them)

Fireball: Oh my gosh! It's an eagle!

Darwin: I've never seen an eagle before! Are they scary?

Fireball: No, Darwin, they can't do anything to us!

Fireball: Oh, I gotta get my camera out!

MeeMee: Me too!

(Fireball and MeeMee takes a camera out off their shoulder bag)

Darwin: Fireball, do you run around with a shoulder bag?

Gumball: Shoulder bags are for girls!

(Darwin and Gumball begin to laugh)

Fireball: Shut up!

Darwin: Hey, why is the eagle flying around in circles above us?

Fireball: It means that it will attack us!

There's an akward silence

Fireball: Wait a minute?!

(Fireball turns his head up to the eagle who is on it's way down to attack )

Fireball: Watch out!

Gumball, Fireball, MeeMee, and Darwin jump out of the way, but the eagle catches Anais and flies away with her

Fireball: ANAIS!

Gumball: Wow! That was astonishing!

Fireball: Oh my gosh !!

Fireball: D-D-Did That eagle just fly off with Anais?

Gumball: It sure did!

Gumball: Well, let's go home!

Fireball: NO! We can't just let that thing steal your sister!

Fireball: Do you know what eagles do with rabbits?

Darwin: They get married, have children and live with each other for the rest of their lovely life?

Fireball: NO! They kill them! For goodness sake!

Gumball: Oh no! What are we gonna tell mom!

Fireball: I don't know..

(Later Gumball, Fireball, MeeMee, and Darwin have arrived at the house)

(Nicole comes into the livingroom)

Nicole: Hey kids! How was school today?

Gumball: Towers of homework like always.

Nicole: Hey where's Anais?

Fireball: Yeah, it's actually a very funny story!

MeeMee: A very long story!

(After a funny story)

Nicole: WHAT?! Are you saying that my daughter has been kidnapped by an eagle?!

Nicole: My only daughter!!

Nicole: Do you know how hard is it to get a daughter like her!!?!

(Nicole begins to cry)

Fireball: We're sorry we lost her, Mrs. Watterson. We will find her no matter what!

Nicole: Really? (While crying)

Gumball: Of course! We will do anything for our beloved little sister!

Nicole: Oh thank you!

(Nicole gives Fireball a big hug)

Darwin: Well, where could she be?

Fireball: She might be in a field where their are trees where it's nest could be!

Nicole: Great idea, Fireball!

Later, Fireball, Gumball, Darwin, MeeMee and Nicole are out in a field

Gumball: Okay, where shall we begin?

Fireball: Let's search around all the trees!

Nicole, Darwin, MeeMee, and Gumball: YES SIR!!

Fireball: When have you guys begun to call me Sir?

(Scene changes to Gumball and Darwin who are crawling up a tree)

Gumball: Can you see any nests?

Darwin: Maybe, but I don't think Anais is up here

Gumball: Then let's get down

(Then Gumball and Darwin jump down on the ground and land hardly)

Gumball: Aw..

Darwin: Aw..

(Scene changes to Nicole who is walking around on the field calling Anais's name)

Nicole: Anais!! Anais!! Where are you? ANAIS!!

Anais from distance: I'm up here!!

Nicole: Where!!?

Anais: Up in the eagle's nest!!

(Anais is in a nest up in a very tall tree)

Nicole: Are you okay my dear!!?

Anais: Yes, I'm okay!

Anais: But it's only a matter of time before the eagle comes back to it's nest!

Anais: And kills me!!!!

(Gumball, MeeMee, Darwin and Fireball Run over to Nicole)

Darwin: Is Anais up in that nest?

Nicole: Yes!

Fireball: How are we gonna get her down?!

(Fireball gets an idea)

Fireball: I know!

Fireball walks closer to the tree

Fireball: Anais! Jump down in my arms!

Anais: No! Don't you remember the last two times!!

Fireball: Oh..I know!

(The eagles flies over to it's nest about to mock Anais)

Anais: Aaaaaaaaaaah!!! It's here!

Fireball: ANAIS!!

Fireball: Okay! Looks like its up to me and MeeMee!!!

(Fireball and MeeMee bravely begins to crawl up the tree)

Gumball: What are you doing, Fireball!!?!?!

Fireball: Saving Anais's life! (While crawling up the tree)

MeeMee: Yeah!

Anais: Oh dear! Get away from me!!

(The eagle is looking at Anais with evil eyes)

Then Fireball and MeeMee reaches the nest and pulls up their rainbow coloured bat

Gumball: Hee hee! I didn't know you had a rainbow coloured bat!

Fireball:Well axtually, it"s my sister's bat...

MeeMee: And this bat belongs to AiAi...

Fireball: (To the eagle) Get away from Anais, you crazy bird!!

(He Tries to scratch it with his claws)

Fireball: Taste my claws you outdated hawk!

(Fireball jumps on the bird and begins to scratch it all over its face with his claws)

Anais: Fireball!! You saved me!!

Fireball: Yes I did!

(Anais, MeeMee, and Fireball hug each other)

Fireball: Wait a minute!!

Fireball: How the heck are we gonna get down from here?

Anais: Uhm... I guess we could jump?

(Fireball, MeeMee, and Anais look down at the ground and realize how high they are)

Fireball: Oh my gosh..

Fireball: Well, let's jump!

(Then Anais, MeeMee, and Fireball jump down from the tall tree)

(Nicole grabs Anais safely, MeeMee land safely while Fireball hits the ground hardly)

(Everybody Gasps)

Gumball: Fireball! Are you okay?!

Fireball: I don't think so... I think i just broke every bone in my body...

(Scene cuts to Elmore hospital where Fireball lies in a bed and the episode ends.)

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