Hello, it's me Darwin 3288765, and I'm here to review the interesting fan-fic New Student by FanFStory.

Characters - 9.5 / 10 - NEAR perfect choice of characters that FanFStory decided to use. I mean, Emily Cartridge and Stace Stuffings being in it is more than enough to get me interested into reading it. The ONLY flaw I found in it though, is that Masami is a somewhat useless character. I mean, I though Emily would actually use a more complicated way to get bck at Gumball than just asking Masami to date him. It doesn't work with me. Miss Simian is also somewhat of a useless charcter - but Emily kicks her butt, so I'm ok with that!

Plot - 9 / 10 - The Plot is just as good as the characters, but not totally perfect. One of the reasons is tht the detail goes bleak at major parts of the fan-fiction. But I won't count it too much, seeing as how FanFStory is still working on that. The thing that won me over from this fan-fiction is that it's shrouded in mystery. Why? Emily's on parole (or so it seems) and she's trying to find a way by getting back at Gumball by . . . . something to do with making Masami date Gumball and killing Penny and (maybe) Stace. OK, the killing Penny and Stace stuff is OK, I mean why wouldn't Emily try to kill them after the last confrontation? But again, it seems a bit unreasonable that Emily is calling Masami to dte Gumball. Otherwise, the plot is A-OK with me!

Total Score is - 9.2 / 10 - The entire story as a whole is vague. Emily is involved - and so is Stace, so that alone (as I already said) gets my hopes up. But some characters are either useless or wrongly picked for the roles that they play, so I have a problem with that. But the other side of the plot shows an interesting story I hope to see the end to. So the final score is 9.2 / 10.

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