Hey, it's another review! For this one, I'll be reviewing THE END OF ELMORE

The Plot: 10.5 - 10

Ok, this is my favorite story on the wiki I have to admitt. Why? Becuase the plot was probably the most sespensful and mysterious one this wiki has ever had. After 5 parts - we still don't know why Emily Cartridge is involved with the saga or what Mayor Vanderwick's secret plans to rule Elmore are. Not everyone may like it - but I'm gonna say that is one good story people DON'T want to miss.

The Characters - 9.5 - 10

Now, the characters in this saga are near perfect. For once in a chnce the main antaganist isn't Emily, but a man named Mayo Vanderwick. I have to admitt though, his threats are not as good as Emily's. "You'd better tell me wht you overheard - or else I WILL try plan B." < - - come on, Emily could've done better. But I like how Mayor Vanderwick is laid-back and practically ignores Gumball and Darwin, going as much to just leave Darwin with five of his guards than confront him hed on (in The End of Elmore Part 5) Other than that, the characters are pretty well-put. Stace is involved - so that makes this saga even better (well - she IS my favorite character). The other thing I don't like about the characters is that Darwin shouldn't really be trying to act like Link from The Legend of Zelda. It just doesn't cut-it. That concludes my analysis.

Final Score: 9.3 - 10

It's my favorite story on the wiki, but some fatal flaws make the final score decreased from my proposed 9.8 to a 9. 3. Still, I like it - and you should give it a go!

MESAGE TO WIKISTARTER: Finish the saga!!!

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