Hey hey hey! After a long absence form the wiki - I'm back! And to celebrate my return - I'm gonna review the wondeful one-off piece of fan-fiction that started the Emily Cartridge saga - The New by GumbalFan2!

The characters - 10 outta 5!

Bottom line - the character Emily Cartridge has such a good background it's impossible to say that GumbalFan2 shouldn't have had a 10 outta five. He helped sketch a treachorous character that WikiStarter picked-up on - and soon enough Emily became the most well-known character in the history of this wiki! (and contest will NOT be accepted.)

The plot - 5 outta 5!

The plot is simple but so detailed I sometimes get a good image of the events appearing in my brain. The story revolves around a new cat - Emilay Cartridge - who moves into Elmore. Gumball developes a crush on her - and Emily feels the same way. Before ya know it - they start dating I guess - and Penny becomes jealous (as she should be). The plot is so well-scripted I feel that the story could've been a saga. Anyways, Penny tries to break the couple up. After failing three times she attempts suicide - which is extremely suprising and dark.Anyways at the same time Gumball breaks-up with Emily and reunites with Penny. Cartridge moves-out of town and everything goes back to normal. UNTIL WikiStarter stepped-in. To read what happened next, read the equally excellent The Letter From Emily.

Overall score - 10 outta 5! - Great story, great detail - and a heck of great character!

That concludes my review. If GumbalFan2 is reading this - I want to say thanks for crafting a great story - and a great character that has shaped what it means to be a fanon writer on Gumball. We solute you! (to an extent)

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