Hello, it is me Darwin 3288765. And I'm about to review one of the baddest - if not the worst - of fan-fictions: the Epic Rap Battles by Xuelius Monosrove. I am in big dog poop.

The Characters - 0.7/10

Nothing creative is ever done with this. All Monosrove does is pick a chaarcter and post him in a rap battle that is OBVIOUSLY a rip-off of Epic Rap Battles of History, only with minor tweaks in the lyrics.

The Plot - 1.1/10

Again, the lyrics of almost all of the Epic Rap Battles are OBVIOUS rip-offs of the more famous Epic Rap Battles of History. The only ones that are original - and the ones that saved the series from getting a 0 as it's grade - are Epic Rap Battles 5 and 6. They are completely original and I have to admitt, the lyrics were so great I decided agsainst giving the series a 0. But don't think that's enough to give this a good grade.


The series is definetly one of the worst here and I don't recommend checking this out, but the ones that SHOULD have been made first are Epic Rap Battles 5 and 6, which DO deserve to be looked at. Darwin 3288765 out.

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