Hey, hey, hey it's Darwin threetwoeighteightsevensixfive! I'm here to review the fan-fiction known as The Yearbook by Gumball2! Though not perfect this fan-fiction is nevertheless great. So what problems are there with this saga? Let's not wait any longer - here we go!

Plot: 7 / 10

OK, so The Yearbook is a story revolving on how an edit in the school yearbook made everyone hate Darwin. So what do they do? Beat him to death! Because . . . any real middle-schooler would do that. Seriously am I the only one who thinks that an edit in the school yearbook is nothing to fuss over about? I mean, it's CLEAR that Darwin didn't write that description, CLEARLY indicating that some other source (cough, Masami, cough) must've changed it. But I guess Miss Simian's class is too dumb to realize that.

Another thing - why the heck does Darwin try to commit suicide? That's not in his character to do such a thing. When dark moments in this fan-fiction go over-the-top, they really go over-the-top, something that I have a serious problem with. Plus, why do Darwin and Gumball act all preachy in the part where they are in church? As I recall, NEVER in the show do they express religion - and the way they act clearly shows that religion isn't their top priority. So why do they act like priests in the church part of the saga? If they mean to show etiquette, I understand. But this problem still bugs me.

Characters: 9 / 10

Yeah, this saga may be the longest one here, but it's got some serious problems. But not all of it is bad. Nicole acts just in character in this fan-fiction, and the way she acts when Darwin is semmingly dead was well-put together. Gumball trying to help his brother Darwin over-come his depression shows just how much Gumball loves his brother and will help him get through anything. The fact that Masami wants revenge because Darwin never kissed her make sense. The characters in this saga act just like they would if this happened in the show. Except for when they don't figure-out that Darwin did not write the description that was in the yearbook.

Final Grade: 7.5 / 10

This saga certain is OK, but there are serious problems in here that don't make this saga perfect. Sure, the characters act like they normaly would, but the plot is more just stuff that doesn't add-up in the real world. Now, this doesn't mean I don't like Gumball2 or any of his other works, it's just that at times realism is just thrown out of the window. If this review feels too negative, I apologize. But as a Journalistic Reviewer I tend to use all sides of perspective to review a fan-fiction - the why, the how, the where, and the way. I hope you understand.

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